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British Retailers Going Global

Welcome to The Retailer and Supplier Site for British companies. This site showcases great family companies looking to extend their customer base to the wider markets offered by the Internet. If you like to deal with friendly people, who know their own trade, then that is the site for you. All the companies featured are run by the owners with the knowledge and pride you would expect from people who truly believe the Customer is King. Please bookmark us, and come back regularly.

Vetstop - Medicines for Pets including Frontline

The products that we sell are the same as those sold under the same names in the USA and worldwide. We buy the products from veterinary wholesalers acting as agents for manufacturers including Pfizer, Merial and Bayer. As we are based in Australia the products are packaged for the Australian market. We only sell long dated products and only supply products which have a long history of safe use.

Why do these products cost less ?
Many factors contribute to our being able to offer a lower price for our products. First that we are based in Australia and due the ongoing weakness of the Australian dollar, you are able to buy authentic vet products for much less than the cost in your local market. Another contributing factor is that the Australian government regulates the price that the manufacturers for pet medicine (and human medicine also )can sell there product.
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Kids Exchange - Used Kids Designer Clothes

Welcome to Kids-Exchange new online web store! Our policy is to only sell quality, nearly-new goods in lovely condition. The childrens designer clothing we sell online is exactly the same as we have in our shop, so the quality is as you would expect if you were shopping face to friendly face. We stock all the top labels that you would expect including Oilily, Catimini, DKNY, Kenzo, Diesel, Burberry, Christian Dior, Miniman, Jean Bouget, Portofino and Pampolina, priced to be affordable to you. Other more exclusive labels, such as Christian Lacriox, Magilla, Graziella,Nolita and Dolce & Gabbana are often in stock. Click the Oilily top for our full page.

Roys Hobbies & Toys - Hornby and Scalextric Specialists

Sick of dealing with supermarket staff who have no idea about toys? Then you need professional advice on your toys and hobbies from Roys Hobbies and Toys, the specialist toy shop that prides itself on the reputation and knowledge it has.

They still serve their regular customers out of their shop in the West Midlands and are now extending their services to the web. Click the train or car for our full page.

Beewell Personal Homecare Products

We are your family company formed in July 2003 with a very simple goal in mind. To provide high quality, cost effective Personal Home Care Products centered around the Three Pillars of Integrative Health; Detoxification, Nourishment and Regeneration with a unity of body, mind and spirit.
We are privileged to be able to claim close association with Dr. Li-Chuan Chen, editor and founder of the magazine, Integrative Health and Self Healing where the concept of Integrative Healing and Team Care originated. All of our products are selected for their abilities to demonstrate a real contribution to your health and wellbeing.
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Sweets-R-Us - All your Favourites

Here is a family run business that prides itself on giving the customer what they want - Sweets! Get together with your friends and family to order some of the flavours you remember from when you were a kid - remember the sharp taste of an acid drop?

How about chewy bars, bubble gum, black jacks, fruit salad, vanilla fudge, wine gums, liquorice wood, nougat and flying saucers - the list goes on!.
So Sweets! Click on the Aniseed Balls for our full page.

Fly Fish the Elk River Canada

Treat yourself to the best fly fishing trip of your life. At Home Waters, our guides will go the distance to ensure the best angling opportunities are provided to the clients throughout the day. Our guiding area features an array of fishing opportunities and anglers can find themselves delicately presenting dry flies with 2 wt. rods on intimate streams or swinging large bulky streamers for huge browns and bull trout from MacKenzie Style drift boats.

With over 90 miles of fishable water that is quite possibly the best angling in North America. Click on the Fish for our full page.

Magbility Mobility Products for the Elderly and Disabled

Magbility is a family run company that prides itself on providing a high level of customer service and satisfaction. Experience has taught us that choosing the right product for your needs can be a daunting task. That is why our experienced care advisors have been specially trained to understand our customers needs and requirements, hence they can offer you expert non-partial advice on our full range of mobility aids and products. We are the experts in supplying and fitting stairlifts in the UK. Click the Scooter for our full page.

Scooters wheelchairs Walkers Powerchairs RiseRecliners Bathlifts

Toilet-Aids Daily-Living-Aids Chairs Mobility-Aids Stairlifts Shower-Seats

Dog Crates UK and Cages for Transportation and Training

We are specialist suppliers of Dog Crates and Cages for all dogs based in the United Kingdom. We only sell dog crates and cages - nothing else. You can feel confident in buying from us as lots of our customers are return buyers. We want you to feel comfortable in the knowledge that if any of our products are defective we offer a full money back guarantee. We want you to tell your friends and colleagues just how delighted you are with our crates and cages but we really want you to tell them about our price, quality and fast service that we offer our valued customers. Click Ally the Alsatian for our full page.

The Manchester Solicitors Sue, Grabbit and Runne

Sue, Grabbit and Runne are proud to announce their prestigious new offices are now open in the heart of Manchester. Clients can now have the top quality service provided by City of London teams right here in Manchester.

When you think Manchester solicitors - think Sue, Grabbit and Runne, famous throughout the press and especially the pages of Private Eye. Just click the head to find out about our specialisations.

Fowler Associates Sales Training for IT Companies

Practical, results-oriented Sales Training for IT companies. With over twenty years experience of senior Sales Development, John Fowler brings a wealth of knowledge to his training courses. His Customer list includes Dell, IBM, Cisco, Nortel Networks, Siemens and WorldCom. John's specialisation is developing bespoke training for IT companies to address specific niche needs. In the past this has included retraining a sales force used to selling commodity products to enable the consultative selling of a new set of managed services. Changing a company's direction from, say, products to higher margin services, that are more closely linked to the customer's actual trade, requires a new set of sales competencClick the graphic to find out more.

Northfield Garage Jaguar Repairs

The family firm still doing top quality work on Jaguars after all these years. Robert McCarthy and his band of brothers, who have been together years, focus their almost unique expertise and skills gained together over this period in order to help you. Her, amazingly, the customer still counts for something and prices are not extortionate, but kept in check by using genuine as new parts off Jaguars that sadly have met their maker. This recycling and rejuvenation is the cornerstone of fair pricing which is passed on to you, the customer. A pleasant surprise at the end of your cars work, not a shock to your system. There is a genuine camaraderie here born of professionals working together in tandem. Click the graphic to find out more.

Dudley Tool Brackets Direct

Dudley Tool bring their increasingly unique brand of old world
charm and manners, allied to modern techniques and state of the art
premises and equipment to bear on your current requirements. Click the graphic to find out more.

Park Hall Stately Home Corporate Meetings

Enliven that board meeting, and recharge everyones
batteries by having that corporate talk in a stately
home, in 132 acres of rolling countryside.
People need to congregate away from the
everyday and the norm once in a while,
breaks like this produce inspired ideas,
and that reinvigorated approach to life and work.
Click the graphic to find out more.

Systems seating

We specialise in creating cost effective workplace seating
and furniture solutions for your business that create real
and lasting impact. The effect of a new fleet of chairs for
will echo and reflect through the output of your business.
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Moseley Golf Club

The hidden gem of the Midlands golf scene.
We have just joined this superb course in June 2010
and have been blown away at the friendly attitude
and the sheer quality, and difficulty, of the course.
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